About us

Determining the day we met is quite complex, we believe it was some time around January 1997, but I could be very wrong given that we were only 2. Our mothers met by accident and realized we were the same age and living in the same building, therefore they thought we could be friends. They were definitely right; since that day we’ve attended the same primary,elementary, middle and high school, practiced the same sports and hobbies, and ended up moving to the same city and enrolling in the same university. To be totally sincere it wasn’t always easy, over the years we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, and it took some years of being “apart” to come back to each other. Our friendship is different, we grew up together and are kind of like sisters or cousins of some sort.

What brought us back together probably was the fact that we shared many interests, and this is why we decided to start this blog by putting together two of our greatest passions: travel and writing; with another greater goal in mind: that of travelling around the globe and sharing our view and experience about what we see.

We love experiencing things that take us out of our comfort zone, meeting people, tasting food, and seeing beautiful sights like the ones that you see postcards of and the ones that take your breath away. Luck has been on our side up to know, allowing us to have the chance to go out and explore. Sometimes together and sometimes on our own.

With this blog we put together our visions of the world, which are both very different and somehow very much alike. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading our stories and our attempts at cooking!


G & V




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