Tokyo Bay



Odaiba is a man-made island in the middle of Tokyo bay. Originally a fort island meant to protect Tokyo, it was redeveloped into a modern residential and business district. It is now a very attractive touristic attraction, IMG_5277.JPGwith all of its shopping malls (such as Decks Tokyo Beach, Aquacity Odaiba, and DiverCity Tokyo Plaza) and
green spaces.From Odaiba the view is spectacular, especially at sunset and when the Rainbow Bridge lights up in all its colors. Don’t miss out on seeing Tokyo’s Statue of Liberty (for a New York-like experience!) and the mega Gundam statue, with its Gundam cafè (for real fans of the series).


Here you’ll also find some interesting architectures, such as the Fuji TV building that has a large sphere in the middle and the beach (I don’t think the water is clean enough for a swim, but you can still enjoy the sun and freshen up in the showers).

Personally I didn’t think that Odaiba was particularly exciting, but it’s still an interesting area to visit. But there are also other areas of Odaiba that I didn’t get to see, such as the Telecom Center Area (with the Museum of Maritime Science and the National Museum of Emerging Science), Palette Town (where the Ferris Wheel is located, and also Venus Fort, Toyota Mega Web and Leisure Land), and Big Sight Area (with the Panasonic Center).


Disney World



On another side of the bay, you will find Disney World IMG_3549.JPGand Disney Sea World. I had already visited Disney World in Orland and Euro Disney in Paris when I was a child, and I didn’t have a clear memory about it. But I really recommend a day here, to relax and really enjoy yourself fully! It was like jumping back in time to when I was a kid and everything was so exciting! The final light show at the castle was extraordinary, I’m not IMG_3556.JPGsure why but it made me really nostalgic, but in a happy way. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Sea World, I think that requires at least another day. From my personal experience I’d recommend staying in a hotel in Tokyo, because the hotels close to Disney are very expensive (we paid very little for the room, but in order to access all other facilities, such as pool, buffet, and others you had to pay A LOT!!!), and it takes about 40 minutes by train from Tokyo Station.




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