September 11


I was thinking about writing something deep and poetic in memory of this tragic day, but I’m no writer, I write from experience and I was lucky not to be touched personally by the tragedy, but this event really changed something in me, and I’d rather tell you my personal experience.


As a child my parents often took me to New York City, as my dad once worked and lived there and he always loved the city. I think his love somehow transfered on to me, and I’ve always felt so happy each time I step foot in New York.

I remember the Twin Towers as two giants, two neverending buildings that stood imposingly over the city. I have an image stuck in my head, of myself looking up and feeling so so small. On the top of the on the towers was an observatory, a large grey room (in my memory) from which you could see all of Manhattan, and beyond.

I’ll always keep this memory close to my heart.


I have a vivid memory of September 11th, I was a child (7 years old) and had never experienced such a tragedy. I don’t know exaclty what touched me the most, but I could only start imagining the number of people who daily inhabited such towers. When I heard that a tower had been hit by an airplane I was in the car (it was afternoon in Italy), riding back home from school with my mother. We got home and turned on the TV to look at CNN live, and at that moment the second tower was hit. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Shock, terror, incredulity. When the towers came down tears started streaming down my face and I couldn’t stop them.

That day probably made me realize that men can be evil. And I couldn’t even being imagining the extent of evilness that can be reached, no matter the gender, the race, the religious belief, or political inclination. I am thankful to globalization and innovations in technology that made me realize such a thing, even though I was lucky enough not to experience personally any war, massacre, or attack of any kind. I think that knowing about something so terrible is the first step in avoiding it happening again in the future.

Unfortuantely my realizing that this evilness must be stopped is not enough to avoid the stream of terror that ISIS has started. And living in the western world the media mostly talks about those event which can touch us the most, but a global community must be aware of what occurs daily. As global citizens we must fight so that in the future evilness can be prevented. I know that writing about this here won’t help who’s currently fighting for his life, but again knowledge increases people’s sensibility; and maybe those who could be influenced to take part in such terrible tragedies might think about it twice and do something to stop it.




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