Gaslamp quarter

Gaslamp quarter is defined as the heart of San Diego’s nightlife, it is the place to be if you are looking for a vibrant, dynamic and cosmopolitan setting for your evening fun. What is amazing about this place is the fact that it hosts a perfect mix of Victorian-age buildings and modern skyscrapers which stand one beside the other and which house a variety of different settings. In Gaslamp you can find fine restaurants of every type, as well as pubs, nightclubs, retail shops, theaters, art galleries, concert halls, and museums, but also offices and residential homes.


Your experience at Gaslamp can begin during the day where you can do some fun outdoor shopping at Horton Plaza, and it can continue in the evening with some fine-dining, a cocktail or two on the rooftop of the Hyatt or Altitude sky Lounge, and end with some dancing at Florent or Barleymash if you are a dance/pop lover or at AD and F6IX if you are a Hip-hop lover. If you are looking for a magical evening in downtown San Diego, then this is exactly where you should be!



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