Sunset Cliffs

sunset cliffs

This 2 mile long stretch of the San Diego coastline is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, the right place to take a long, serene and relaxing walk. Its key characteristic is represented by the sheer cliffs which drop straight to the ocean below, creating a breath-taking atmosphere in which you can lose yourself completely. What is literally amazing about this place is that it is extremely simple but, at the same time, extremely varied and diverse. Every fifty meters or so, you will encounter a new unexplored beach, a small cave or a nicely shaped rock. But i have to warn you, be ready to climb around!

sunset cliffs2

To get down to these amazing beaches to surf, swim or even just to tan, you may have to climb down the rock facade with the help of a rope, or go down very steep stairs. However, it is completely worth it: once you get down there, you will find yourself surrounded just by the ocean and the huge cliffs all around you, which truly represent nature’s beauty. Obviously, as the name suggests, this natural park is the perfect location to experience the sunset and watch as the sun slowly descends towards the ocean until it dissapears in its immensity. Perfect for a romantic get-away, Sunset cliffs is the place to be if you are ready to be blown away.

sunset cliffs3



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