Coronado Island


The magic of Coronado Island starts in the moment you set foot on the San Diego – Coronado Bridge over the Big bay which is considered by many an architectural marvel. Once you reach the other side, you find yourself in another world, a beautiful world. As in the case of La Jolla, we can feel the Spanish influence in the name as “Coronado” literally means ‘’the Crowned one’’, a name which seems more than appropriate for such a precious corner of the world. Coronado offers the best of both worlds: amazing sparkling sandy beaches and, at the same time, vibrant town life.


In addition to the breathtaking mansions with perfect elegant green gardens, Coronado offers shopping and dining experiences for all kinds of tastes. It is the perfect place for a Sunday get-away from the city, both for romantic escapes and for family gatherings. Whatever kind of day you are planning to spend there remember to absolutely stay there until sunset: you will always find at least a couple of brides and grooms taking their wedding pictures with the San Diego skyline in the background… but don’t worry, you don’t have to be newly-wed to do the same and step-up your instagram gallery to a whole new level!




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