Roquebrune extends itself from Menton to Monaco (Monte Carlo), the town is mostly residential given there are many summer villas and houses that overlook either the bay of Menton or Monaco. Roquebrune became French in 1793, but was then taken back by the Grimaldi of Monaco, during the 1848 Italian Risorgimento it was freed and protected by the Savoy family until the cession to France in 1861.
The town is know as during the years it was chosen as a vacation spot for many renowned people, such as Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Coco Chanel. Also the architect Le Corbusier lived here for many years, where he built his Cabanon, close to the house E­1027 of Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici. Now you can book guided tours to visit Le Cabanon, L’Etoile de Mer, Villa E­1027, and Les Unités de Camping; but you should book in advance as there are many requests ( Roquebrune is well known for here is a lovely walk that begins on one side of Cap Martin and can take you to Monaco by foot! It takes a while of course, but it overlooks the sea. You can stop at la plage du Buse for a swim. I’ve been coming to this beach all my life, the water here is extremely clean but as you swim you will feel some cold currents, as there is a natural fresh water spring that comes out of the rocks on a side of the beach. I don’t know what it is about this place but you can’t help falling in love here, every time I look out onto the Golfe Bleu I feel happy and relaxed.

Roquebrune has a medieval village on the top of the hill, which has a magnificent view that overlooks the Golfe Bleu. Here is an intricate labyrinth of alleys that lead up to the castle (built in the 10th century by the count of Ventimiglia and later controlled by the Grimaldi family). Walk down the staircases and alleys of Roquebrune village to find some amazing stores, bars, and restaurants (there are some amazing restaurants such as Au Grand Inquisiteur, Les Deux Frères, La Roquebrunoise and La Grotte).
Interestingly enough also the Roquebrune cemetery is a place where tourists go, as here you can find the tomb of Le Corbusier. Finding your way here is quite complicated, and of course you’re visiting a cemetery so it can’t be that exciting, but the view is incredible! On sunny days you can see all the way from Ventimiglia to beyond Monaco.
Roquebrune of course also has a sea side, other than the beaches in the Golfe Bleu you can also go for a swim on the beach that extends from Carnoles to Menton. Here you’ll find a few nice restaurants such as l’Hippocampe and La Cigale, which also have a beach.


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