La Jolla

La Jolla, correctly pronounced ‘la hoya’ as it comes from the Mexican language, is often known as the jewel of San Diego thanks to the spectacular views it offers.

The beach

la jolla 2

Surrounded on three sides by the sea and backed by the slopes of Mount Soledad, la Jolla beach is the destination of thousands of tourists and, especially of surfers, worldwide. It is the perfect location for everyone: from playing kids who can build sandcastles on the shore, to the bbq lovers, who can cook their ribs in the green grass behind the beach and comfortably eat it on the wooden tables and benches, to the tanning ladies, to the fit surfers who just want to ride another ocean wave. It is the idea location for evey activity and a ‘must see’ spot if traveling to San Diego, no matter what the purpose of your trip is or who you are.

The cove

la jolla 3

I remember my first time at La Jolla cove: As I stepped out of the car I was struck by a strong and, I have to say quite weird, smell. Curious to find out where it came from, I looked down towards the beach and there I immediately found the source: the rocks were covered in sea lions. Yes. Hundreds of huge, smelly, goofy sea lions lying in the warm sun and, occasionally, rolling into the sea. It was quite a fun show to watch, and new to me. As you make your way along the coast line, these massive animals are a constant presence there, you just have to look down towards the rocks and they will be there. But la Jolla cove is not only nature; you can find many nice shops, boutiques and restaurants to rent surfing equipment, to buy a new white tank-top to show off your tan, or to take a picture for instagram of some salmon-rolls on the beach.

– G


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