Roppongi is another extremely modern area of Tokyo, dedicated to arts, shopping, communication and nightlife. This was due to the settling in of many foreigners, which transformed the area into a western-style entertainment spot. IMG_2732.jpg

In the southern part of this quarter is located one of Tokyo’s landmarks: the Tokyo Tower.
Opened in 1958 as a television tower close to the Shiba Park, and closely resembling the french Tour Eiffel, it was made to be Tokyo’s tallest tower. The experience is incredibly romantic believe me! Try visiting it at sunset and possibly on a clear sunny day (you might get to see Mt.Fuji), when it gets dark you will fall in love under the blue lights installation, with Tokyo at your feet. The view is not as grandiose as the Skytree (that is double its height), but I think the atmosphere they created is much more emotional.

In the Shiba park you can also visit the Zojo-ji temple, who has lived an eventful life being destroyed and rebuilt many times due to arson and war, until the 1970s. It was the Tokugawa’s chosen ancestral temple. Its entrance at the Sanmon gate has survived all the
attacks and is standing since 1605.

P1030811.jpgIn Roppongi Hills you will find an area of skyscrapers, restaurants, and high end stores. They have also created a wonderful urban landscape with a beautiful garden area, that perfectly mixes with the modern architecture and artsy vibe of the area. Here you can find the ‘Art Triangle’ made up by: the Mori Art Museum (Mori Tower), the Suntory Museum of Art (Tokyo Midtown gardens) and the National Art Center Tokyo (largest exhibition space in the country), not far you can also find the Musée Tomo with modern Japanese ceramics.

I recommend visiting the Mori Art Museum, where I ended up by chance. I wanted to visit an exhibition dedicated to Ghibli Studios and was stunned by the view from this museum. The exhibitions are located on the 53rd floor and overlooks all of the city. At the bottom of the tower you will find a beautiful garden area decorated with Louise Bourgeoise famous ‘Maman’ spider sculpture. Also the Suntory Museum is located in Tokyo Midtown (4th tallest structure in the city), complex that hold restaurants, shops, hotels, and more.


A very interesting experience was also the Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu restaurant, we ended up in the first night in Tokyo. If you are a fan of Kill Bill then you must eat here! The experience was fun as the staff is very lively and cordial, the food is not the best you can find even if a little expensive. If you follow the road to Nishi-Azabu crossing you will find many bar and restaurants in the alleys.




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