Seaport village


Located downtown San Diego right on the harbor adjacent to the embarcadero, you can find this beautiful little village which will make you fall in love. As you arrive, you will feel as if you have entered a time machine and traveled backwards in time 100 years. No matter which time of the day or of the year it is, Seaport will be the coziest shopping complex you have ever been to. It is the perfect mix between an outdoor shopping center offering more than 45 unique shops of every kind, and an art and food festival with an additional bonus represented by the harbor view and live music entertainment.


As I was living in San Diego, I went to Seaport many many times and every time was better than the one before. From the very first time on the 14th of August where we had ice cream sitting on the grass with our feet in the water, to the time I went specifically to the stuffed-toy shop (which by the way has the strangest stuffed animals ever), to the late afternoon of November when I fell in love with the sunset.


However, the memory I am most fond of, which is probably influenced by the fact that it was one of my last days there, was during the Christmas holidays when all the village was decorated in red and white, Santa Clause was there having children sitting on his lap, and we went to the cookie bakery right by the sea and had one of the hundred varieties of cookies it offered while sipping hot chocolate.


Seaport village never ceased to amaze me: with the colored kites shop, the mouthwatering fudge factory and the ongoing live entertainment, it is really a place you can’t miss.




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