Old Town

old town

This is the place where it all started, where the Spanish settled back in the days and where you can re-live the atmosphere of an 1850s California. As you get to Old Town, it literally seems as if you were transported back in time as you find yourself surrounded by Mexican lore and historical sites, thousands of small colorful shops, restaurants, museums and much more. Thanks to the amazing Mexican restaurants and the typical boutiques, you won’t be sure whether you have crossed the US border and are actually in Mexican territory!

old town2

Here, you will be able to combine shopping, dining, and also cultural discoveries as there are plenty of historical buildings and museums to visit such as the Whaley house and Museum which is one of the only 2 officially designated haunted houses in California!

oldtown 3

When I think about my personal experience and remember my time in Old Town, the first word that comes to my mind is ‘colour’. Everywhere you look you can find those bright-flowery skulls which are typical of the Mexican culture, along with thousands of other colorful objects. It is a place which transmits happiness and joy and which is able to teach you something while allowing you to have a great time you won’t forget.



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