To describe Ginza I’d compare it to the Fifth Avenue in New York! If you walk down the central street (chuo-dori) you’ll probably understand what I mean; you will find the most notorious Japanese and international stores, in modern and colorful buildings entirely owned by brands. A very famous building here is the Shiseido building that doesn’t only sell the brands cosmetics, but also hosts restaurants, conference rooms and an art gallery with very interesting contemporary exhibitions; they also sell the most beautiful sweets and confectionary in the Parlour shop on the ground floor.


You can also visit the Sony Building to test all of the tech innovation, latest games and creations.

If you want to see a traditional Japanese show, you must visit the Kabuki-za theatre, located in Ginza on the way towards Tsukiji (the exact address is 4-12-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku). The show is a dance-drama and the actors wear incredibly elaborate make up designs.

There is also an amazing stores that sells all the Japanese toys you can think of called Hakuhinkan Toy Park! There you’ll find dolls, stickers and stationary, mini sets, candies, all Japanese cartoon characters, and many many stuffed animals!


Walking around you will find yourself in the area of Yurachuko, which is where the Tokyo International Forum is located. I have to be honest, I found myself here by mistake, but the architecture of this building is extremely fascinating. Designed by Rafael Vinoly in 1996 it is where cultural conventions are held, the building is built in granite, glass and steel; and its ‘Glass Hall’ is crossed by skywalks.


Close by is also Hibiya, where the first western-style garden is located. Here you can find a rose garden, an open-air theatre and fountains, and also a small Japanese garden with typical rocks and cherry trees.


South east of Ginza, towards the Sumida river, is located one of the most famous fish markets in the world: the Tsukiji fish market! Every day at 5:00 am the tuna auction takes place, but if you’re not up to waking up that early then go first thing in the morning and try a Japanese-style breakfast with the freshest fish you can find.

– V


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