California here we come

Right on the tip of California, in the city of San Diego, is where I left my heart. I was as lucky as to be able to spend 6 whole months in the sunniest city on earth and to discover the beauty of the US West Coast. I lived the American college experience at SDSU and fell in love with every single corner of the city, experiencing a million of different emotions starting from the Mexican vibes perceived in Old town, all the way through to the feeling of immensity found when looking down from Sunset cliffs.

It is so hard for me to be able to explain how amazing this city is in one single post, so I will deep-dive into each of my favorite places by dedicating a special post to each part of this wonderful city.

As the builder of New Town San Diego once said,

“I thought San Diego must be Heaven on earth…It seemed to me the best spot for building a city I ever saw.”

Alonzo Horton, builder of New Town, site of current downtown San Diego, 1877


And I have to agree with him 100%. It is heaven on earth, there is everything you could ever wish for and more! Starting from the amazing weather, to the immensity of the ocean, the sparkle of the beaches, and the dynamism of the city quarters.

Not only, what really made me fall in love with this city was the blend of cultures you could feel constantly around you: It was the first part of California in which the Europeans settled in and is hence considered the birthplace of California. All around the city you can feel the Spanish and Mexican influence, starting from the huge number of taco shops and ending with the public signals written in Spanish as well as in English. I believe that this cultural blend enables everybody to feel welcome and at home, and to enjoy the beauty of SoCal as part of a large family.

The state of California, protagonist of many songs and TV shows like the OC , is literally a font of happiness to anybody who goes visit and, right at its Southern tip is this amazing city I can’t wait to tell you all about.

“California here we come, right back where we started from”



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