New York has always been alive, as in always changing, moving around, transforming and recreating itself; one of the most recent examples of this is the area of Chelsea. From being a residential area, to the becoming the hip, avant-garde art-gallery and disco area. Also the area closest to the piers and the Hudson River has been changing, with the renovation and moving of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

So what must you see in Chelsea:


  • The Whitney Museum: as mentioned in the article ‘Manhattan’s Museums‘ it has been recently moved from its location on Madison Ave in the Breur building to a new 9 story building designed by the renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano. What I love the most about the collection are the pieces by Alexander Calder, who is famous for his moving, delicate and balanced sculptures. In the museum one of his most famous ‘Cirque Calder’ where he recreated a circus entirely in wire figures and wood.
     99 Gansevoort St, between 10th Ave and Washington street.
  • The High Line: what used to be an elevated section of an abandoned railroad called the West Side Line is now an elegant city park, with benches, trees, grass, and a lovely view of the city’s architecture. The first section first opened in 2009, other two parts in 2011 and 2014, but a section still has to be completed. This really boosted the area’s value, also for what concerns real estate due to the improved quality of life that a park brings.
    from 34th street at 11th avenue to Gansevoort Street
  • The Chelsea Market: I will be forever grateful to the place were Oreo cookies
    were first created and produced! Not only for giving birth to my favorite cookie ever, but also because the abandoned factory was renovated into an incredible food hall and market that takes up a whole block from 9th to 10th ave, from 15th to 16th street. Here you can find all kinds of restaurants and street foods: fish, meats, soups, fresh dairy products, Thai specialties, a ravioli store by Giovanni Rana, and many other mouthwatering dishes. Less renowned is the fact that in the Chelsea market you can also find some surprising stores selling artisanal products, jewellery, cosmetics, clothing and such.
  • Macy’s: On 34th street, in Herald Square, you will find Macy’s, one of New York’s oldest department stores that has been running since 1858. Due to its success with the 99 cents store the store moved to this central location when the area was totally renovated. Inside the store you can get lost in the infinite pairs of shoes, bags, dresses and jeans, t-shirts, and house decor, and so on…




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