Lake Como

The 25th of April in Italy is a celebration of the Anniversary of the Liberation from the Nazi  occupation in 1945, and this year I celebrated this day with a trip to Lake Como, just north of Milano. It is a place for a romantic weekend get away, to relax on in the beautiful gardens that overlook the lake.
The lake is about 47 km long, changing the surrounding scenery from hills to mountains in it’s northern point. There are various ways to get around, most people travel by car but it might be hard to find parking spots (especially on the 25th). You can also park in a town and then travel with vaporetti (water buses) around the lake to get to Bellagio, Cernobbio, Tremezzo, Varenna. P1000303.jpg

Como – is on the southern point, the most interesting area of the city is the walled city with the lovely Como Cathedral and San Fedele church. Another interesting sight is Villa Olmo, which housed historical figures like Napoleon, Archduke Franz Ferdinand I, and Garibaldi. However Como is not one of the most interesting locations on the lake.
Where to eat:
– L’Angolo del Silenzio
– La Colombetta
– I Tigli in Theoria
– L’Antica Trattoria
– The Market PlaceP1000309.jpg

Cernobbio – very close to Como you will find Cernobbio, where Villa d’Este, the legendary resort, is located. You’ll also find the town to be an amazing location for a weekend stroll in a very relaxing atmosphere.
Where to eat:
– Trattoria del Vapore

Bellagio – is one of the most characteristics locations in the center of the lake, and it also on of the more touristic towns! But it’s well worth the stop as it is an enchanting spot with the bougainvillea covered walls, the narrow path ways that lead to the lake front, restaurants, bars and pretty staircases.
Where to eat:
– Caffè Rossi
– MistralP1000315.jpgP1000326.jpg

Lecco – where Alessandro Manzoni’s family came from and the place that inspired his masterpiece ‘The Betrothed’ (I Promessi Sposi) lies at the end of the south-eastern branch of the Lake Como. Interesting sights to see are visit the bell tower of San Nicolò, the Piano d’Erna for some amazing views, the Basilica of San Nicolo and also the picturesque Antique Bridge which crosses over where the lake narrows to form the river Adda.
Where to eat:
– Trattoria Vecchio Pescarenico
– Terrazza Manzoni
– Al Porticciolo 84P1000329.jpg

Tremezzo – is also a lovely location with its villas Villa Balbianello and Villa Carlotta, with its colorful and magnificent garden full of flowers (this is why it’s best to visit in late April and May). In Villa Carlotta you can also find some incredible sculptures by Antonio Canova, such as ‘Cupid and Psyche’.
Where to eat:
– La Darsena
– La locanda dell’IsolaP1000322.jpg



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