Manhattan’s Museums

Museums in New York are definitely more than what you can find on Museum Mile, they define the current trends in museum management, invent the way people visit and understand the arts. Here I included a few that are really worth a visit; they are some of the most beautiful museums I’ve ever visited!

Metropolitan Museum of Art – one of the largest museums there are in the world with one of the widest art collections there are. In it you can discover Greek and Roman scultprures, Medieval Treasures, Egyptian art (and the amazing Temple of Dendur), european paintings, South American art works and artifacts, sculptures from Oceania, Africa and Asia (there is a lovely reproduction of a Chinese garden). If you are visiting between may and october then you must visit the roof garden, modern sculptures are exhibited and where you can have a drink at the Roof Garden Cafè or at the Martini Bar.


My personal favorites are the collection of musical instruments, the arms and armor collection and the hall of the American Art area with the Tiffany decorated windows.


Met Breur – recently the Breur building (that used to host the Whitney Museum) became a new wing of the the Met museum, dedicated to modern and contemporary art.
1000 Fifth Ave and 82nd Street
“suggested” price of $25 for adults, but this is a recommendation and you can pay whatever you want, and also get in for free. I payed $10. 
Food and Drink:
– The Cafeteria
– Petrie Court Café
– American Art Café
– Roof Garden Bar
– Great Hall Balcony Bar
– The Balcony Lounge
– Members Dining Room

Guggenheim Museum – you can’t miss out on a visit at the Guggenheim, not only for the collection but most all for the iconic spiral building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1959. The museum hosts a permanent collection of Twentieth century art, by artists like Picasso, Chagall, Mirò, and Mondrian, to name a few. Also a part of Thannhauser’s collection is exhibited with works by Cézanne, Van Gogh and Gaugin. Don’t miss the Kandinsky Gallery, I believe these to be some the most beautiful works in their collection.12657947_10208525460875870_1374163427432654856_o.jpg
1071 Fifth Ave and 89th Street
Price: $25 adults/$18 students and seniors
Food and Drink:
– The Wright
– Cafe 3
The Frick Collection – this is the most charming museum in New York, created from Henry Clay Frick’s home and personal art collection in the early 1910s, you can still feel the passion for beauty and arts of its owner. The halls of this beautiful villa are adorned with painings by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Holbein, Tiziano and Bellini. The garden court is so beautiful with the central fountain, it really brings to life Frick’s house.
1 East 70th Street and Fifth Ave
: $20 adults/$15 seniors/$10 students

Museum of Modern Art – as I already wrote on the 5th Avenue (Midtown) article (link) you must visit the MoMA as it is the home of some of the most important modern artworks and the exhibitions are really interesting.
11 West 53rd Street (close to 5th Avenue)
Price: $25 adults/$18 seniors/$14 students
Food and Drink:
– The Modern

Whitney Museum of American Art – recently the Whitney has been transfered from its original location in the Breuer building on Madison avenue to a new 9 story building in Chelsea, designed by Renzo Piano and it overlooks the Hudson River. The new building is very beautiful, even though the itinerary/how its divided isn’t very clear! I enjoyed the visit very much, especially Calder’s works have always been a favorite of mine.
99 Gansevoort Street (between 10th Ave and Washington St)

Price: $16 adults/$14 students and seniors
Food and Drink:
– Untitled
– Studio Cafe
American Natural History Museum – this is one of the most amazing museums in the
world to me! That’s probably partly due to my memories of the place from when I was a kid, but there is no way you won’t be stunned by the giant dinosaurs, the animals and diversity present in this museum. But this museum is also an example of how to create an modern museum where the visitor really interacts and defines the way he experiences the museum.

Visit the Rose Center for Earth and Space to learn about the universe, stars, galaxies and all of those fascinating facts on space. I recommend spending extra for one of the space shows  at the Hayden Planetarium to virtually experience the universe, especially the show ‘Journey to the Stars’ that is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg.
If you still haven’t got the chance to visit New York watch “Night At the Museum”!
Central Park West between 77th Street and 81st Street
$22 adults/$17 students and seniors (this is a suggested price and at admission desks you can also pay less).
Food and Drinks:
– Museum Food Court
– Café on One
– Café on 4
– Starlight Café

The Morgan Library – J.P. Morgan’s private library was built in 1906 to host his extraordinary collection of rare manuscripts, books and prints. Both the library and his studio were designed to reflect the wealth of their owner, like a “shrine” for his precious cultural possessions. Today the museum hosts the main rooms, temporary exhibitions and also a scholarly research center.
Price: $18 adults/$12 students and seniors (it’s a little high priced given how small the exhibition really is)
Food and Drink:
– Morgan Café
– Morgan Dining Room
225 Madison Avenue at East 36th Street

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum – not everyone knows about this museum, and I have no idea why! It’s such a cool attraction! You get to walk and climb inside the aircraft carrier, and see how the military lived inside those small spaces. The museum is built around the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier, inside which there is also an exhibit about its role during WWII and the Vietnam war; over the years they’ve been adding other attractions to the collection: a British Airways Concorde plane, the USS Growler submarine, and one of the most recent additions is the Space Shuttle Enterprise (which I didn’t get to see since you need to pay an extra for this specific exhibit). 12710904_10208525484756467_5507919874374285257_o.jpg
Price: $24 ($31 for space shuttle) adults/$20 ($27 for space shuttle) students and seniors
Food and Drinks:
– Mess Deck Café
Pier 86, West 46th Street and 12th Ave

Sorry for the long post, I know that many of these museums seem to have be very high priced, but I have never regretted spending money on such an enriching experience. All museums also have a store, don’t forget to visit it because you’ll find some amazing gifts and gadgets! (especially at the Moma and the MET).



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