What travelling means to me

P1000271I am a very lucky person, I’ve had the chance to travel round the world with my family and see amazing places since I was but 6 months old. When I was a kid everything was exciting and new, but I realise now that I never fully understood what travelling meant until I started organizing my own trips.

Nowadays travelling has been made easier and cheaper, globalization has also made clashing with new cultures easier and less traumatic than it once was.

Unfortunately latest events have discouraged many: terrorism looks to terrorize us and stop us from appreciating the beautiful things our ancestors have fought to achieve to build today’s society. They’ve been targeting what us younger care about the most: music, travel, sports and leisure. Scaring us in our homes, to stop us from appreciating life.

Another issue for me is that of being a women. Today travelling alone for us is still discouraged and scorned upon by people in many countries. When a misfortunes happens to a women travelling alone someone always finds a way to blame her for being irresponsible. I believe this to be absurd. In the era of equality and democracy there is no space for such ideas.

The only way to fight this is to be strong and keep doing what we love, whatever it may be. This is why I choose to continue exploring the world. Travel is what’s allowed me to grow independent and accepting of differences, it has made me curious and hungry for adventure, and I also believe it has made me a better person.                                                 – V



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  1. Love the post! Traveling is one of the most beautiful things we can do in our lives!


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